56 yrs of Helau at the Phoenix Club!

A new Karneval Season opens on Nov. 14th, with our Nostalgischer Abend and Proklamation. Then resumes after Twelfth night with events in January, and February of 2021!

The 55th season of Karneval has come and gone but we have one last celebration to close our Diamond Anniversary year!  The 55th season was a special Karneval milestone as the Anaheim Karnevalsgesellschaft (Mardi gras Group) Not many groups are privileged to celebrate 5 x 11 years of Karneval in Anaheim! So we start by looking back with a night of nostalgia to open a new era of Anaheim Karneval in 2021.

Why was 55 so special?  Germans consider this time “the Fifth Season” of the year, and it begins on November 11th, at 11:11AM.  In this magic hour, the Narren (fools) are awakened for another season of care free revelry.  The number 11 is the fool’s number and with that, it’s the official Karneval number.  So, we celebrate milestones in increments of 11.

Naturally, we’re all fools during this season, and we take pride in looking a little silly too.  The Elferrat (Council of Eleven) are the officials who come together to plan the events for the upcoming festivities. The official hats of the councils’ members, fool’s caps with little bells, set the standard for the events to come, as do the uniforms of the Prinzengarde, the prince’s official guard of young ladies in short skirts, mock the formal Prussian guard with a lively floor show.

The Prinz and his Prinzessin represent the governing body presiding over the season.  The highest honor is to be selected as Prinz Karneval. All must obey his silly whims and fancy!  The fun festivities reach their peak with celebrations that end on Ash Wednesday.

Karneval is a chance to have some crazy fun before the pious days of Lent.  There are Costume Balls,  Satire events,  Silly performances, and of course plenty of opportunities to laugh and have a drink (or two) with friends!

So join the Anaheim Karnevalsgesellschaft and celebrate Karneval in Anaheim!  And #PartyLikeAGerman!


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  • Saturday, November 14, 2020
  • Open at 5:30 PM – 10:oo PM in the Ballroom
The Fifth Season is here! Join us for Pomp and Tradition as we honor 55 years of Karneval in Anaheim with the crowning of our Prinz Karneval and his lovely Prinzessin! Colorful entertainment and laughter in these difficult times!  Admission includes Dinner.  German Beer on tap.
To Reserve a Table 714 563-4166 ext 2

Costumed guests are offered a colorful program of various Karneval performances at Prunksitzung: Stand up comedy, Satirical skits, songs to sing along, all in a night club atmosphere.

Lose your worries and have some fun. The old tradition during the 5th season is a masked Costume Ball.  There is no specific theme, so you are limited only by your imagination.  There is plenty of incentive with a Costume Contest and prizes for the best costumes.

Lumpenball is our traditional Season Closer, All guests are encouraged to come in rags and tatters as that is all that is left by the end of Karneval! This event is the a farewell ceremony for the Prinz and his Prinzessin.  Sometimes it takes the form of a funeral, or it may take the form of a court trial with the Nubble as the defendant.  Afterall the crazy behavior was all his fault.

Join in the fun and experience German Mardi Gras tradition first hand. The program  typically includes a procession of fools in costume,  performances by the Prinzengarde, the Damen Revue and the Smileys. Drink Specials, and amusement.  Dates and entertainment are subject to change as social gathering restriction dictate. Currently no dancing is allowed.

  • No event due to COVID-19 

Kinderkarneval is our very popular Children’s Mardi Gras Party.  We do not have a date for this event in 2021.  Please stay tuned for news.


  • Wednesday, February 17, 2021
  • Open at 5:11 – 9PM in the Loreley Restaurant

The Anaheim Karnevalsgesellschaft honors the official end of the Karneval Season with an Ash Wednesday Fish Dinner.  Join the AKG in the Loreley for Seasonal Specials of Herring and other Seafood menu items.  Make reservatons with the Club office at 714- 563-4166 ext 2

Costume Prizes:
In prior years we have held costume contests.  This year many things are different.  We will resume costume contests when COVID-19 restrictions ease up and dancing is allowed.


Unfortunately our Karneval events for February have been cancelled. Stay tuned for March.

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