Activity Groups

When Oktoberfest is not enough!  Find tradition, culture and fun loving people in an Activity group!

Phoenix Club members participate in more than 10 different  groups and splinter organizations including soccer teams, ballet classes, air-rifle teams, German language classes, and a German Mardi Gras group,  many of which meet in the club’s facilities at various times each month.

Back in Germany, clubs usually are limited to one particular sport or hobby group.  Here you will find activities for all interests in one place.  Throughout the years, the Phoenix Club has always strived for the ideal of preserving German heritage and culture.   The Activity Groups are the key to covering all aspects; through sport, dance, song and language.

Though it was originally formed by 15 immigrant German families, the Phoenix Club emphasizes that everyone is welcome. In fact, only 35% to 40% of its members are German immigrants. The rest are either of German descent or are just interested in the country’s culture and way of life.

For more information about specific groups please follow the links to the right.

Anaheim Karnevalsgesellschaft (German Mardi Gras)

Deutsche Klasse (German Classes)

Die Gemütlichen Schuhplattler (Traditional Folk Dance)

Gemischter Chor (Mixed Choir)

Jugend Tanzgruppe (Youth Dance Group)

Phoenix Club Schützen Gruppe (Air Rifle Club)

Phoenix Soaring Group Inc.   (Segelflieger)

Skat (German card games)

Ski Gruppe

SOS Gruppe (Assistance Group)

Tisch Tennis (Table Tennis)

schuetzen  chor-47  ski soccer collage