Kaffeehaus zum Phoenix

All of life happens in the Kaffeehaus. It is an extended living room, both a stage and a private space – a place that captures the leisure, traditions, and creativity of a golden epoch. It is the perfect place to get together informally, discuss a project, or make new contacts. It´s a private spot to do some reading, get some thoughts on paper, or to sooth your soul. It is the place for first dates and where secret love affairs begin and end. A whole culture has developed around coffee drinking, but the Viennese elevated it to an all encompassing attitude of life.
Cakes and pastries are a special attraction of every Kaffeehaus. Ours stem from home-made, and carefully guarded recipes of the Classic Cafés of Austria and Germany.
In a Kaffeehaus, the coffee is more of a means rather than an end. Writers, painters, philosophers, and poets have gathered for centuries around Kaffeehaus tables, in lively conversation. Coffee was the social media of the day.

Open Sunday’s 2:00-5:00PM for Kaffee und Kuchen.  Menu also available in the Bierstube.

Our specialty European coffees are served in a traditional manner with a glass of water,
Classics on the menu include: